Our Packages

Simple Package


With the Simple Package we provide your Simple Homepage which can include additional pages, a contact form and a gallery. The price is for 1 year and includes hosting, monthly management and customer services. Need to tweak the wording on something? Not a problem, it’s included in the price. Yearly renewal price: £75.

Simple Plus Package


Using the Simple Plus Package, you’ll get everything detailed in the Simple Package plus set up and management of a basic online shop. If you’re not sure you need a shop, use a Simple add-on and we can quote for one later. Yearly renewal price: £125.

Simple Add-ons

from £50

Once you’ve chosen your Simple Package, you can use Simple Add-ons and we can help you with your brand colours, your logo and even the written content for your site. Simple add-ons can also be handy if things change – perhaps you need a shop after all, or maybe a more bespoke shop for your customers – we can provide a quote based on your individual needs.

Simple Refresh

from £50

Whichever package you choose, each year you have the opportunity to refresh your site, change the layout and review your brand colours and logo at a reduced fee for being a loyal customer. Before your year is up for renewal, we will get in touch and provide a quote which we can tailor to what you need.