Our Work

Northdowners – Simon runs a successful plant nursery. He didn’t have an online presence and wanted to get a website. The website needed to have a shopfront to allow him to sell stock he had and take payment. Simon had also discovered that his logo wasn’t unique and had been used by other similar companies so needed a new, but similar, logo. Simon went for our Simple Plus Package and a Simple Add-ons for his logo redesign. You can take a look at Simon’s page by clicking here.

SWG Construction – Stuart was having issues with his existing website and email provider being unreliable, not something you want to deal with when running your own business. After taking over the hosting and redesigning a new and updated website, the issues being experienced are a thing of the past. Stuart went for our Simple Package to get everything moved over and updated. You can take a look at SWG Construction’s page by clicking here.

Pure Fitness and Dance – Amy, a Personal Trainer, already had a website and was running a very successful business when she approached us for help. Her old website was starting to look a bit dated and she found the cost of having it reviewed and redesigned hard to justify when all she needed was a good-looking and straight-forward website. Amy already had a logo, brand colours and content, so used our Simple Package to get an affordable refresh of her page. You can take a look at Amy’s page by clicking here.

Hardy Tropicals UK – Dave, an exotic gardening expert, had a website and an online presence including a very successful forum that had been running since the early 2000s. It was time for the website to have a redesign and a review of its layout. Dave wrote all his own content and provided all his own images and we redesigned his logo, helped with his brand identity and got his website looking more up-to-date. Dave wanted some additional features including his forum to be accessible for visitors, so used our Simple Plus Package with one of our Simple Add-ons for his logo redesign. You can take a look at Dave’s page by clicking here.

NTS Limited – Stuart runs a Non-Destructive Testing business and asked us for advice on the most cost-effective way to keep his website online. Like many of our clients, he was finding the cost of having the most simple of websites very high. Stuart worked very closely with us on how he wanted the page to look, and provided all his own content and images, and this is a great example of how we let our clients lead the way. Nothing gets published until you are happy with how it looks; we provide as much or as little guidance as you need. Stuart used our Simple Package with one of the Simple Add-ons for a logo redesign. Take a look at his page by clicking here.

Anne Chaston Tutoring – Anne needed an online presence to help promote her small business tutoring children for the 11 Plus test. She had previously been using a Facebook Page, but this didn’t really give her the professional feel she needed. We redesigned her logo, helped her with her colour scheme and provided her written content which she reviewed and tweaked as needed. Now, with her website, she can use her Facebook page to direct people straight there. Anne used the Simple Package with two of our Simple Add-ons for her logo redesign/colour scheme and her written content.